Lubomyr Melnyk – Supersense Session Acetat LP


Palisade no.A3: This piece is the reworking of an idea that first came to Lubomyr around August 2017.  It has a brooding and ominous character, and suggested to me a vague feeling of as though something were lurking in the darkness, or of the worries we have when we fear something unwanted might happen. There is no specific “story” in this piece, it is just a feeling that arises inside the music when it was first born, and then the music begins to create its own path in the wilderness of life. I started to record this piece in September 2017. At first it began with a much simpler unvaried first version which grew into this no.A3 version. There will probably be more versions as I live with this piece through time.  All the versions of Palisade are basically improvised from the main thematics that form the heart of the music.

Vocalize no.29: This is an improvised Vocalize, one of many purely harmonious works which have the piano singing out in melody. This Vocalize was improvised for this recording.

Srong Limited All Analog Direct Cut Acetate Recording / 33 copies