Lubomyr Melnyk – The Lund St.Petri Symphony 2 LP-Set



In 1978 I arrived for the first time in Sweden, in the town of Lund, and there I met a remarkable man named Jean Sellem who ran a tiny gallery in the middle of the town, “The Galeri St.Petri: Dedicated To Modern Art and Thought”. He was one of the few and first people who saw the greatness and beauty of Continuous Music, and since I was a complete “unknown” at that time, I really needed his moral support!  He created with me the idea of a huge work for multiple pianos: three pianos … in stages. And it became as he had envisioned, and was first performed on a small upright piano in 1978 in his gallery, and the piece was called The Lund-St.Petri Symphony because, once the three pianos came together, it was symphonic in its grandeur.  / Lubomyr Melnyk

The Lund-St. Petri Symphony from 1979, is the second album from Lubomyr Melnyk and his first released composition for double piano. In this work, the early minimalist tendencies which played such a major part in the emergence of Continuous Music are very significant and clearly evident. This double LP set sold out within 1 year of production. Only 1000 copies were made.

Original Release: 1980

Limited All Analog Remastering Recording