The Courettes – Voodoo Doll VinylVideo 7″


The world’s first vinyl video is coming up, how could it be otherwise, with a little sensation. And it’s not enough that José Mojica Marins, better known as Coffin Joe, director and lead actor of the first Brazilian horror movie, puts a spell on us and Fredovitch, the familiar face of King Khan & his Shrines, entices the listener with a saxophone solo, also inspired by the work of Gerry Anderson and the all- time classic “Mad Monster Party”, together with the “Who’s Who” of the German puppeteer guild, a clip was created that made every beatnik’s heart beat faster. No less a person than Carsten Sommer, doll maker for Kapitän Blaubär & Walter Moers, as well as Bodo Schulte, puppeteer at Sesame Street and already named Kapitän Blaubär, participated in this gem of the puppet film to capture the explosive live show of the Brazilian / Danish duo. “Voodoo Doll”, a ace-high stomper and already a classic of the Neo-Sixties beat, was written by The Courettes extra for VinylVideo and will be shown for the first time exclusively on VinylVideo-Schallbildtonträger.

Thanks to all who made this film possible and Supersense for the same vision.